Just like Goethe's Faust, we're driven by  boundless desire; for design.
We appear before our clients when their needs are unfulfilled and take the nescessary steps to ensure succesful design.
We create modern user centric design solutions to help our clients succeed.
F&M has expertise in transportation design, ranging from public transportation to automotive.​​​​​​​
Our goal is to connect our customers to their users through functionality, form & UX.
We offer consulting and design services for:
Strategic design
Design strategy is the key to any project, connecting the dots between users and business.
Using analytics and intuition, we define product requirements to ensure a competitive advantage and generate user appeal.
Exterior & interior design
Shaping space through form and functionality, that’s our passion.
Starting of with a sketch, translating into polygonal modelling and pouring it into virtual or physical prototypes to create refined and functional designs.
Colours, materials & finishing
Materials, colours and finishing is what creates identity.
How we perceive spaces and forms is defined by colours and textures, it adapts a design to specific use cases.
User experience
User experience is the glue that holds design together.
By understanding why, what and how users interact with an object or space is the defining aspect of a successful design.
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